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Library curbside

Hello parents here is a message from our librarian Ms. Aldridge regarding Curbside Library. Curbside Library will begin on Wednesday, September 16th for our students who continued virtual learning. Please see the flyer below. It explains how to search our catalog for books, submitting your book requests, and information regarding picking up your books. This information can also be found on our Atkinson Website and our Atkinson Library Page under the blue tab titled Curbside Library Instructions. Also, there is a blue tab titled Atkinson Virtual Library. Check out the resources available for you to use while you are learning at home. Students may checkout books online using AXIS360 and Sora. Here is the direct link to our library website.

 Please feel free to contact Ms. Aldridge if you have any questions! Also, if you still have library books at home from last school year, you may return them when picking up your new books. I hope to see you all soon! Keep on reading! J 


Hola padres, aquí hay un mensaje de nuestra bibliotecaria, la Sra. Aldridge, sobre la biblioteca Curbside. La biblioteca comenzará el miércoles 16 de septiembre para nuestros estudiantes que continuaron con el aprendizaje virtual. Consulte el folleto a continuación. Explica cómo buscar libros en nuestro catálogo, cómo enviar sus solicitudes de libros e información sobre cómo recoger sus libros. Esta información también se puede encontrar en nuestro sitio web de Atkinson y en nuestra página de la biblioteca de Atkinson en la pestaña azul titulada Instrucciones de la Biblioteca Curbside. Además, hay una pestaña azul titulada Biblioteca virtual de Atkinson. Consulte los recursos disponibles para que los use mientras aprende en casa. Los estudiantes pueden sacar libros en línea usando AXIS360 y Sora. Aquí está el enlace directo al sitio web de nuestra biblioteca.

¡No dude en comunicarse con la Sra. Aldridge si tiene alguna pregunta! Además, si todavía tiene libros de la biblioteca en casa del año escolar pasado, puede devolverlos cuando recoja sus libros nuevos. ¡Espero verlos a todos pronto! ¡Sigue leyendo!

Welcome Letter

This document is subject to change. Revised: 9/3/2020

Returning to Face-to-Face Instruction for Atkinson: For Parents

The Return to Face-to-Face Instruction for Atkinson: For Parents guide was created following the district’s guidelines in Pasadena ISD Back to Class 2020-Together Again

Topics Addressed

Arrival and Dismissal Food Distribution (breakfast and lunch)

Parents and Guests in the Building

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Student Devices Ancillary

Outside (recess and PE) Hallway and Restroom

Special Programs: Speech, Sped, 
Dyslexia, GT, Intervention, PIE

Student Mental Health

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Arrival and Dismissal:

Arrival—All other days.

· Building opens at 7:10 AM.

· Place markers on the porch indicate where students and parents will stand while they wait for the building to open.

· Students will enter at their grade level doors at the end of each hallway.

· The students will sit in the hallway on designated markers. Monitors will be in the hallways ensuring students are sitting apart from one another.

· Car Drop Off—Teachers and aides will monitor the porch as the parents drop off students. Staff will not open the vehicle doors for the students, unless the student is young and cannot open the door or has a disability. Staff will wear gloves to open vehicle doors. 


Bus Riders

· Bus riders will be dismissed from their classrooms at 2:55 PM to alleviate hallway congestion.

· Students will wait seated in the holding area on designated markers until their bus arrives and they are called to load.

· While loading, they will wait standing on designated markers.


· Walkers will be released from their classrooms at 3:00 PM to alleviate hallway congestion.

· Students will move to the walker holding area and sit on designated markers.

· Staff will release independent walkers first.

· Other walkers will be released as parents arrive with walker tags.

Day Care Riders

· Day Care Riders will be released from their classrooms at 3:00 PM to alleviate hallway congestion.

· Students will move to the day care holding area and sit on designated markers until the day care bus arrives and students are called to load.

· As they load, students will stand in line on designated markers.

Car Riders

· Students will be released from their classrooms at 3:05 PM to alleviate hallway congestion.

· Pre-K and Kindergarten Students and Siblings will sit on designated markers in their holding area until their name is called and will be released to cars in the Kingspoint Circle. Parents must have a car tag with student name on it.

· All other grade levels will sit on designated markers in their holding area until their name is called and will be released to cars in the main drive through.

· Parents must have car tag with student name on it.

· Teachers with walkie-talkies will call students from their designated holding areas.

Food Distribution:

Tables will be sanitized after each student leaves and before another student sits down to eat.


· Students will go through the line to pick up their breakfast. Students will eat in the cafeteria. The tables have markers to show students where to sit and to allow for social distancing.


· Students will go to the cafeteria to pick up their lunches and then will sit at the designated markers.

· Children are allowed to bring their lunch from home.

Both Meals

· Students will sanitize their hands before entering the line.

· While waiting in lines students will stand on designated markers to support social distancing.

· Students will return their tray to the service window after disposing of their trash.

Parents and Guests in the Building:

In an effort to minimize possible exposure, parents and guests will not be allowed into the building. This applies to the first day of school, having lunch with your child, and meetings with the teacher. Please email your child’s teacher if you would like a Zoom conference.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

Staff and students, PK-4th grade, will be required to wear a face covering in all areas of the building.

Refer to page 4 under Face Coverings in the  PISD Back to Class 2020: Together Again handbook. PISD Back to Class 2020: Together Again

Student Devices:

Although we are having face-to-face instruction, the format will be the same on campus as it was during on-line learning. The student will be in the classroom with their device, logged in to Zoom and completing work via the online platform (Seesaw, Google). Therefore, student devices with cords will need to be brought to school and taken home daily. Student devices should be charged each night to ensure they are ready for instruction. Please ensure students have a bag, satchel, or backpack in order to transport the device.

Ancillary and Library:

Ancillary classes (Music, PE) and Library related instruction will take place in locations according to the Pasadena ISD COVID-19 Action Levels. Refer to page 16 in the PISD Back to Class 2020: Together Again.


PE classes may take place outside and will be closely supervised by our coaches and/or teachers.

Recess is encouraged. The teachers have access to many areas around the building where they may take the children. Items that are passed between students such as balls, frisbees, jump ropes, etc, will not be permitted at this time. The playground areas are closed.

Hallways and Restrooms:

Hallways are marked to remind and encourage students to practice social distancing.

Teachers will take students to the restroom as a class. By doing this, teachers can continue to monitor and encourage social distancing.

Special Programs:

Special Education—Special education classes will be conducted either by Zoom or in person.

Dyslexia—Dyslexia classes will be conducted either by Zoom or in person.

Speech—Speech classes will be conducted either by Zoom or in person.

ESL—ESL classes will be conducted either by Zoom or in person.

Intervention & PIE—Planned Intervention and Enrichment (PIE) time will take place as scheduled Monday-Thursday.

Student Mental Health:

Mental health is as important as physical health. Our school will continue to provide positive mental health activities for our students. Our Counselor is a HUGE resource for activities that will be helpful to students, examples are below.

Practicing mindfulness through a Mindful Minute

Reading and discussing books that promote socio-emotional learning (SEL).

Having restorative circles and “family meetings”

Providing Brain Breaks when necessary

If a student is struggling emotionally, Ms. Abraham, our counselor, is on campus to see to our students’ needs.

She is also available for on-line Zoom sessions.

Cleaning and Disinfecting with teacher monitoring:

There are hand sanitizing stations at our main entrances. Hand sanitizer has been provided for every classroom. Hand washing is mandatory at every restroom break. Students, with teacher monitoring, will clean student’s desks after breakfast. Custodians will sanitize student desks and chairs daily. Commonly touched surfaces (door handles, handrails, etc) will be sanitized often.




DreamBox Celebration 

Week 3


Our Atkinson Eagles keep showing off with their use of DreamBox. At this point in the year, our students have completed 6,333 lessons in DreamBoxWe usually complete more than 50,000 lessons as a school in the school year. I’m challenging the students this year to complete 55,000 lessons.

The top three performing class through this week are:

Mrs. Fox’s class – 1,176 lessons (Yayyyyyyyy)

Ms. Newman’s class – 680 lessons

Mrs. Di. Davis’s class  677 lessons

Our top four students have all advanced to another level in our “Keep Swimming” contest. 

These three students have attained the “Dolphin” level with at least 150 lessons:

Marco S. (Fox)           158 lessons

Jalen R. (Grzesiek)163 lessons

Kimberly Y. (Di. Davis)176 lessons

And…our amazing leader has already attained the highest level in our contest.

This student has reach our “Whale” level with over 300 lessons.

Congratulations ANNA T(Youngblood) on completing 326 lessons.


Pasadena ISD Back to School links

Banner back to school

Pasadena ISD, we are excited about seeing our students who have chosen face-to-face instruction, starting Tuesday, Sept. 8. Just a reminder, all students must conduct a daily COVID-19 screening at home prior to entering any Pasadena ISD facility. Students who exhibit any of the symptoms on the COVID-19 screening tool must stay home. Let’s all do our part and adhere to these guidelines to keep everyone healthy.
Safety Images


safety 2


Bus Routes

Keeping Arts Safe

Attention Parents: This is an update for virtual learners participating in Pasadena ISD’s Curbside Grab-and-Go program.

This week, our serving days will be limited to Mondays and Wednesdays (4:30 to 5:30 p.m.), but we will continue to provide breakfast and lunch meals to last throughout the week. Today, parents can pick up breakfast and lunch meals to last through Tuesday. On Wednesday, parents can pick up breakfast and lunch meals to last the rest of the week (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday).

Curbside service will ONLY be available at the following high schools: Dobie, Pasadena, Pasadena Memorial, South Houston and Rayburn.

Please note: Curbside service is intended for virtual students. If parents decide to pick up meals curbside for students attending face-to-face and eating school meals on campus, the student's account will be charged for any additional meals served.

Everything you need to know about

Atkinson Elementary

Lena Ortiz,    Principal
Regina Barnes, AP
Lini Abraham, Counselor
9602 Kingspoint Drive

Ph: 713-740-0520
Fax: 713-740-4128

First Day of School:

August 18 7:50am is Virtual

Classroom teachers will contact parents.

View the supply list 

Sandy Asbeck, R.N.

Have questions for the nurse? Head HERE.

District Health Services


Enrollment & Pre-K Registration:
All parents will have to upload Proof of Residency during the verification process.

Enrollment for all students

Pre-Kindergarten Registration

Food Service:
Menus and prices are available HERE. You may also set-up and maintain a meal credit account HERE.

NEW - register students for transportation only if they will ride the bus. This will be completed during the online verification process. RouteFinder - Know your bus route! Questions?

Skyward/Family Access:
Registration, grades, schedule, attendance check, district alerts:


Back to School dates
The link below 

Pasadena ISD Distance

Learning and Grading Guidelines

ENGLISH AND SPANISH - Grading Distance Learning Guidelines (1).docx


Breakfast 7:10 - 7:35 am
First Bell at 7:40 am
School starts at 7:45 am
Doors by the flagpole will be locked at 7:45 am
Students must be in their classrooms by 7:46 am. 
Students will receive a tardy if they are not in their class by 7:46 am.
Dismissal at 3:05 pm

Soar to success

Atkinson Elementary - STAAR 2019 Accountability Ratings Overall Summary 2019

​If you have any questions about the test scores,
please contact Mrs. Ortiz at 713-740-0520.

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