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 Healthy, Fit and Ready to Learn

Research shows that healthy children do better in school - from attendance and behavior to academics and overall performance. The School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) works with the district to help school communities support good health and academic achievement.

What is a SHAC?

SHAC (School Health Advisory Council) is a school board appointed advisory group of individuals who represent different segments of the community. By law, a majority of the members must be persons who are parents of students enrolled in the district and who are not employed by the district. The PISD SHAC is made up of parents, community members, students, and school staff working together to improve the health of all students and families through coordinated school health programs.

Why do we need a School Health Advisory Council (SHAC)?

What is included in a coordinated school health program (CSHP)?

  Although all SHACs are similar in their general purpose and functioning, no two SHAC's are alike. After all, SHAC's are comprised of people with their own characteristics and personalities. This is perhaps the most important element of a SHAC because it ensures that recommendations reflect the individual needs and values of the community. SHACs should be the voice of the community about school health issues. However, unless commuinity members get involved, SHACs do not work. We need YOU.

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Atkinson students are being tested this year in the FITNESSGRAM ASSESSMENT as required by the State of Texas. This test was developed by The Cooper Institute for Aerobic Research and is a research-based criterion referenced test. Students are encouraged to be self-aware of health-related fitness and take responsibility by setting personal fitness goals. A healthy student is better prepared to learn in the classroom and perform in all aspects of life. We have already started practicing the skills for this test in our Physical Education classes. The 3rd and 4th grade students will be inputting their scores into the computer. Scores for all Pasadena students in grades three through twelve will be sent to the State.