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Week 2

Congratulations to these Atkinson Eagles for being DreamBox Superstars this week. Since the first day of school our students have completed 3,652 lessons. The classes that have completed the most lessons are as follows:

Mrs. Fox – 582 lessons

Ms. Newman – 500 lessons

Mrs. Davis – 497 lessons

We have quite a few students that have attained new levels, and earned certificates, this week.

Following our “Just Keep Swimming” theme, these students have attained the “Guppy” level (50 lessons completed):

Ximena Chavez

Victoria Gutierrez

Cameron Rubio

Marco Salache

Arabella Gonzalez

Matthew Garcia

Brianna Gomez

Violet Jasso

Angelina Nguyen

Liliana Castillo

These students have become “GoldFish” This week (100 lessons)

Jalen Robinson

Linh Pham

Kimberly Yerena


One Superstar has reached the “Shark” level (200 lessons)

Anna Trinh


Keep working hard and “Keep Swimming”


Welcome Back

Welcome back, Atkinson Eagles, to another great school year. Though we have to do things differently for a while, I still want to encourage you to work hard and soak up as much knowledge as you can. I’m going to continue to promote your use of DreamBox as a math resource and to recognize those of you that excel in its use. The theme for this year is “Just Keep Swimming”. We chose that because no matter what our circumstances are we need to just keep swimming. We’re going to keep track of your progress this year, just as in years past, by moving your character (a starfish this year) when you complete certain numbers of lessons. The first level is the “Guppy” level, which is attained at 50 lessons completed. The next level is the “Goldfish” level, which requires 100 lessons. At 150 lessons, you reach the “Dolphin” level. At 200 lessons completed, you reach the “Shark” level. Finally, if you complete 300 or more lessons this year you will be at the “Whale” level. I will update the levels attained weekly, both on the physical grade level walls and on this web page. Mrs. Salazar has added pictures here for you to see how the different levels look in the hallways. As soon as I have three or four students that have completed 50 lessons, I will acknowledge those achievements here. Make DreamBox a part of your daily schoolwork. If you have questions about DreamBox ask your teacher or contact Mrs. Salazar or Mr. Whittaker. Keep swimming!!!

DreamBox Celebration #1
2021 dream box

August 31st, 2020

Greetings Atkinson Eagles!!! The school year is in full swing and it’s time to recognize our first group of students for their achievements on DreamBox. Our students have done an amazing job of making DreamBox a priority. Since the first day of instruction our students have completed 1,365 lessons. The top three classes are Mrs. Youngblood’s with 144 lessons completed, Mrs. Graham with 130 lessons completed, and Ms. Newman’s with 123 lessons completed. We have three students that have achieved the first level of recognition by completing 50 lessons. Anna T. from Mrs. Youngblood’s class has completed an amazing 126 lessons already. Gia P. from Mrs. Graham’s class has completed 82 lessons, and Jalen R. from Mrs. Grzesiek’s class has completed 68 lessons. Congratulations to these three DreamBox SuperStars for setting the early pace. These students will receive their first certificates shortly. I also have a special surprise for these three that I’ll announce later. Keep logging onto DreamBox and making progress toward being better mathematicians.