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·The building will not be open to students until 7:00 am. Students dropped off before 7:00 am will not be supervised.

·Beginning Tuesday, September 3 parents need to drop their students off at the front door and allow them to walk to their area. Please remind older siblings that they will not be allowed to escort younger siblings to their classes. Faculty and staff members are on duty and are able to offer assistance to any student that may need help.

·If a student is tardy five times to school, he/she will be required to attend the Saturday Detention Assignment (students in grades Kinder—4th grade require a parent to stay with them for the duration of Saturday Detention Assignment).

·Daily attendance is mandated by state law, and monitored by the State Attorney General’s Office; we are confident in knowing you will support our efforts in helping your child achieve their potential in school.

·Please, remember to report to the office before visiting any area of our school.

·If your child’s mode of transportation changes in any way YOU MUST notify the school by e-mail or fax before 2:30 pm, so that we can deliver a message in a timely matter. We will NOT release students to leave school after 2:30 pm, unless it is an emergency.

·Parents will be welcome to come eat lunch, once a month, with their child beginning Monday, September 23, 2019. No fast foods may be brought in for lunch. Canned or Bottled drinks are not permitted at any time. The last day to eat lunch with your child is April 24, 2020.

Breakfast 7:10 - 7:35 am
First Bell at 7:40 am
School starts at 7:45 am
Doors by the flagpole will be locked at 7:45 am
Students must be in their classrooms by 7:46 am. 
Students will receive a tardy if they are not in their class by 7:46 am.
Dismissal at 3:05 pm

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Please help us build a playground in partnership with KaBOOM! and Rebuild Texas Fund!

Atkinson Elementary - STAAR 2019 Accountability Ratings Overall Summary 2018-2019

‚ÄčIf you have any questions about the test scores,
please contact Mrs. Ortiz at 713-740-0520.

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September 29, no events301234October 05, no events
October 06, no events78October 09, no events10October 11, no eventsOctober 12, no events
October 13, no eventsOctober 14, no events151617October 18, no eventsOctober 19, no events
October 20, no events212223242526
October 27, no eventsOctober 28, no events29October 30, no events311November 02, no events

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Lena Ortiz, Principal
Regina Barnes, Assistant Principal
Mission Statement

The mission of Pasadena ISD, the gateway to unlimited opportunity for our culturally rich community, is to empower students to become accomplished, self-directed, collaborative, lifelong learners, who boldly contribute to an increasingly complex and evolving world by engaging them in positive relationships, rigorous curriculum, and innovative meaningful experiences.

School Hours

Regular Days:
7:45 am - 3:05 pm

Early Dismissal Days:
7:45 am - 12:05 pm