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The first day of school can sometimes be both exciting and scary at the same time!  Many questions are swimming around in students, parents, and even teachers minds!  Will I make friends?  What is our schedule?  Will the work be difficult?  What's for lunch?

Start morning and nighttime procedures at least one week before the first day of school.  When patterns are set and ready, there is less confusion and hurrying!

One way to ensure your child feels ready for the first day of school is to encourage open-mindedness.  Talk to your child and demonstrate an excitement for change and learning new things.  Talk about ways to make friends and how to listen to directions.

Another way to be prepared is to be involved in Meet the Teacher night and Open House.  There are other ways to become involved in your child's education: Math Night, Accelerated Reader Night, and Parent Teacher Organization meetings just to name a few!  When your child feels everyone is working together and creating a bond, the excitement and responsibility of learning becomes meaningful. 

An important part of any great day is to make sure your child always gets a proper night's rest and knows your home procedures.  Although sometimes emergencies occur, try to keep a schedule of sleep habits that ensure at least 8 hours of rest.  That may mean extra-curricular activities may have to be considered carefully.  Nothing is more difficult that trying to stay awake when you are sleepy!

Try your best to make sure school bags and lunches are ready the night before.  Mornings can be hectic for families and having 1 or 2 things ready ahead of time can start the day less stressful.  Please remember that Atkinson provides a free breakfast for all students each morning.  Take advantage of this opportunity and give yourself one less thing to think about! 

Set your alarm clock consistently for the same time each morning.  If possible, purchase an alarm clock that holds a battery in case the electricity flickers during the night.  Be calm during morning home activities-waking in a easy way is better for everyone! 

Finally, make sure each morning you get a hug from your child!  It is good for both of you and starts the day off with a smile! 

I hope these tips are helpful.  May this year be a great year for us!

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Posted by KJernigan  On Jul 25, 2014 at 12:47 PM
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